Prof. K. S. Thakur
Vice Chancellor

Our Hon’ble Vice Chancellor is a commerce and management academician with over 34 years of experience, including more than 14 years of experience as a Professor at Jiwaji University, Gwalior. He is a dedicated and goal-driven educator allied with teaching and research, administration, and other academic activities. He has been associated with UGC and other academic bodies for major research projects, NET workshops, and as an observer in NET/CTET/JEE/MPPSC. He has been a member of various selection committees of Central and State Universities, the SLET committee of different States, the State Service Commission of Higher Education, and a member and coordinator of the NAAC Peer team.

He has 163 research papers published in journals of National and International repute listed in SCOPUS and UGC CARE list, and 21 books published by renowned publishers. He has supervised 49 doctorate thesis and 32 M. Phil dissertations. He has presented 77 research papers at multiple conferences at the National and International level. He has received Best Research Paper awards and awards for outstanding achievements in commerce and management multiple times. He has visited 59 Indian Universities and the Central and State Commission for assessment and as an external expert/examine. He has administrative experience as Dean of the Faculty of Commerce (twice), Head of the Department (Thrice), Chairman of the Board of Studies, Chairman of various University Committees, and Member of the Executive Council, Academic Council, Planning Evaluation Board, Standing Committee, etc.

He is known for his hard work, dedication, and honesty, with sound conceptual and analytical abilities. He is a keen planner and observer of the assigned responsibilities.